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Our optical showrooms feature outstanding selections of sunglass styles for both Rx and non-Rx use. We specialize in fitting prescription polaroid sunglasses.  These anti-glare, UV absorbing, color pure lenses provide the ultimate in eye health protection and performance for outdoor activities and driving.  They are available in numerous lens designs and colors. Many of our patients report that their eyes and vision are so much more comfortable when wearing their polaroid sunglasses. Stop by, no appointment necessary.

Eye research has proven that prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun's UV rays causes damage to the eyes.  Cataracts, pterygiums, and macular degeneration are caused to some degree by cumulative UV eye exposure.  Do you want to stay looking younger longer too?  Certainly - then begin wearing proper sunglasses at a young age to lessen eye area squint lines, forehead wrinkles, and chronic bloodshot eyes. Your eyes will say "Thank-You!"

Our Spectacular Sunglasses Sale months are April, May and December - save 25%!!!  We have some special ongoing promotions too. Stop in and browse our fantastic sunglasses selection - no appointments necessary.  We feature these sunglass brands and more:

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