Overnight Corneal Reshaping

Overnight Corneal Reshaping - OCR - is a non-surgical treatment that eliminates the need for distance vision glasses and/or contact lenses. OCR is the process of wearing specially designed reshaping contact lenses during sleep to gently mold the curvature of the cornea into a new shape to create proper eyesight. Upon awakening, the reshaping lenses are removed and the patient has clear, natural vision for their awake hours. Good vision results usually occurs within 3-10 days of beginning the reshaping treatment. The OCR lenses must be worn regularly thereafter to maintain the treatment results.

OCR can also be referred to as Orthokeratology, OrthoK, Corneal Refractive Therapy, Vision Shaping Therapy, and Gentle Vision Shaping System. FDA approved in 2002, OCR treatments boasted new sleepwear oxygen-permeable contact lens materials in various re-shaping designs.  These re-shaping lenses are custom fit using an advanced corneal topography technology to measure the subtle curvatures of the eye's cornea much like a satellite maps the surfaces of the earth.

Here, at Lakeshore Eyecare Center, all of our doctors have been trained and certified in OCR treatment.  With the beginning of 2011, we have also purchased a state-of-the-art Medmont corneal topographer to assist in the reshaping and fitting process. Our doctors feel very comfortable and assured in offering their patients this new treatment option for vision correction needs.

OCR is currently most successful for the treatment of myopia (nearsightedness) and mild astigmatism prescriptions.  Patients who are intolerant of daytime contact lenses or glasses are also great candidates for OCR treatment. Children and young adults who are experiencing myopia progressions are also excellent candidates for OCR as this treatment helps to "put the brakes" on their increasing vision deterioration. OCR is a great alternative to LASIK for those people who don't want the risk, were told they were not good LASIK candidates, or are just not ready for the laser surgery. If you choose to do so, discontinuing the wear of reshaping contact lenses permits vision to return to your pre-treatment prescription.

The costs for OCR treatments range from $1500.00-$1800.00 depending on the prescription amount and corneal topography. This fee is inclusive for all OCR services in the first year (this includes an eye exam, diagnostic fitting appointments, one pair of OCR lenses, topography evaluations, and 6-8 follow-up visits during the first year). Subsequent OCR yearly fees are $395.00 and include a visit every six months to have the doctor monitor vision stability, topography maps, and eye health. OCR lenses can last as long as 12-24 months and require periodic in-office cleaning. Replacement lenses cost $200 per lens.

To learn more about OCR, or your individual options with this treatment method, contact our office at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment or request more information. OCR treatment consultations are FREE.

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