LASIK and More

Since 1996, our doctors have helped over 2400 patients achieve the goal of eliminating their need for glasses or contact lenses.  LASIK and PRK are the most commonly used terms for describing laser vision refractive surgery.  This technology continues to evolve allowing for even more laser precision in providing superior vision results for suitable candidates.  This surgery truly can be a life changing experience for a person! Lakeshore Eyecare Center doctors have gained significant confidence in the refractive eye surgeons they use for their patient's laser vision correction surgery.

Lakeshore Eyecare Center has obtained preferred pricing for their patients who are considering this type of eye surgery.  All inclusive LASIK fees are $4300.  It all starts with a comprehensive eye examination by one of our doctors followed by specialized testing to determine if a patient has the anatomical eye features to allow a successful refractive surgery.  Lakeshore Eyecare Center has all the necessary instrumentation at the Holland office to perform these laser vision surgery evaluations.  We also offer a free LASIK consultaion with one of our doctors to discuss whether laser eye surgery is an option for your vision prescription - please call our office to schedule a time.